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TMI: when not to share in social media

TMI: when not to share in social media

Social media encourages sharing. If nothing else, sharing is prompted by the constant need for content. If you’re stuck for something to post as your second tweet for the day, forwarding something you’ve come across can seem like a great idea. But what does it do to your social credibility?

Reputation is as important on social media sites as it has ever been with search engines, and yet businesses have lowered the bar somewhat with the social part of their SEO. In social circles, there’s such a thing as TMI – too much information. It’s a good idea to remember this when operating your social media campaign.

*Too much personal information – often, staff members who feel pressured to produce social content will post whatever comes to mind. This has resulted in a few spectacular internet faux pas. Instituting a protocol of ‘no personal postings’ can prevent this.

*Too much random information – forwarding everything that takes your fancy can also have a detrimental effect. Everyone has a friend on Facebook who is in a constant buzz of activity, sending links on causes and asking for participation in the hundreds of Facebook game apps. Ever feel annoyed when you see that Jeremy or Sarah has added another useless bit of information to your news stream? That’s exactly how your followers feel, too. Be choose with what you forward.

Planning for social media content should be part of your regular SEO jobs. Sufficient preparation will prevent your social media campaign from falling into the TMI trap.

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