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Tips for using content marketing in a start-up

Tips for using content marketing in a start-up

These days, content marketing seems to be essential to any new venture, but where do you begin? Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Start a company news feed or blog

A news feed for your website, or a blog, is a great way to start publishing a regular stream of content. Don’t start writing content for its own sake, though, because any piece of content should serve a useful purpose. High-quality content engages people more, so feel free to share any tips and tricks, or even failures, from your own experiences.

Regular updates are essential here, so if you and your staff are constantly busy with other responsibilities, it may be better to outsource some or all of your content generation to a news writing service. You may be tempted to keep your operating costs as low as possible, but investing in the right tools for content marketing may ultimately save you time and money.

Use media-rich content

Using images and videos can help capture the attention of readers and get your message across. For example, adding an accompanying video to a detailed written article may engage some people who would otherwise hit the back button. You could also repurpose existing content into a visual form, such as by taking the statistics from an article and presenting them in an infographic, which could then be shared through social media.

Find your target influencers

Look for the influencers (e.g. bloggers) with whom you want to form relationships. When people research your venture, they’ll be looking to see who endorses you. If you can gain endorsements from key influencers, it will go a long way to getting potential customers to trust you. You can start building relationships with these influencers by interacting with their own content, such as by providing valuable insights in comments to their articles.

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