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Tips for building an efficient content marketing team

Tips for building an efficient content marketing team

Content marketing is not about several writers working under a loose framework, but rather a team effort that combines several skills. You can’t create content without writers, but what sort of skills are needed? Here’s a quick guide to the talent you need.

First, your writers need to be able to research accurately but quickly, all while avoiding the minefield of poor information from untrustworthy sources. To produce unique and interesting content, they may need to look in unconventional directions and borrow ideas from other industries to give something a fresh edge.

Next, your writers need to understand how to structure their content in a clear and easy-to-digest manner. People are rarely hooked in by convoluted sentences and little-known archaic words, so ensure your writers can present their content clearly and concisely.

Creativity is also a valuable quality in writers, because this enables them to come up with novel ideas that can capture the imagination of readers. Finally, your writers need to be able to understand what makes your readers tick, because this will enable them to write the content that those readers want.

Given the various skills required for engaging content, you may prefer to outsource this aspect to a content agency so you can focus on other aspects. For example, you could then move onto establishing other forms of content, such as engaging web developers to create useful web-based tools for your readers or hiring designers to produce eye-catching infographics to accompany your content.

You may also want to focus on reaching out to influencers and other outlets to make the process run more smoothly. An outreach specialist can help with this, and this person should have the right attitude for building mutually beneficial relationships with other parties through activities such as guest posting or collaborating on promotions.

Once you have all the right skills in place, you should find your campaigns work much more efficiently.

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