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TikTok music

TikTok releases sound library for businesses

TikTok music

TikTok releases sound library for businesses

Video sharing platform TikTok has announced a new feature for businesses that use its app – Sounds for Businesses.

This new feature provides businesses with music, accessible via TikTok’s Audio Library, that comes with the necessary licensing for commercial use, which will offer multiple benefits for businesses.

Music plays a significant role on TikTok, with many songs going viral and topping the charts all thanks to being used for a popular video trend on the app. While any song can be used by the general public on their TikToks, businesses that post on the platform are subject to commercial licensing laws, which means they can’t just hop on a viral song trend without facing copyright infringement. If businesses do so, TikTok can remove the audio altogether from a video – even if there is a voiceover accompanying the music, which will also be lost.

To get around this, businesses shouldn’t simply avoid using music in their videos altogether – according to data from TikTok, more than half of users (a total of 68%), remember a message from a brand more easily if the video is accompanied by a song they enjoy. What’s more, more than half of users who enjoy the song (62%) will then go on to learn about the business as they believe they share similar tastes with the business.

This is where TikTok’s Sounds for Businesses comes in, which is offering businesses over half a million sounds and music bites they can use, without worrying over licensing. The sounds can be filtered by duration, mood, genre and theme to ensure the right audio is selected to appeal to a specific audience and fit with a particular video.

This new feature highlights the importance of not only producing content in any form that will directly appeal to your target audience, but also in ensuring no plagiarism takes place. If you’d like help creating engaging, original written content to put out to your audience online, reach out to our expert team here at Engage Web today.

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