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Three ways to get ahead with your content marketing efforts

Three ways to get ahead with your content marketing efforts

No one who knows about content marketing will say it’s quick or easy, but maybe you feel like you’re not being as efficient as you could be. You may well be right, because there are several tools you can draw on for your content marketing endeavours.

1. Getting your content

Great material is essential to your content strategy, but how can you get it easily? Using freelancers is one option, but finding (and retaining) reliable freelancers can be problematic in itself. A simpler solution is to outsource your requirements to one of the many copywriting services around. These services usually have quality assurance procedures in place, so you can be confident that your content will be free from embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Using visuals

Interesting content is one thing, but we’re all drawn towards what’s easiest on the eye. Even if you’re not a talented designer or artist, you can still create visually attractive pages and images. For example, a tool called Unbounce can help you to form great landing pages and even optimise them over time to boost your conversion rate. Attractive graphics are also important, but the Canva tool enables you to create stunning infographics and other visuals that will be invaluable to your content marketing strategy.

3. Publishing on social media

Everyone appreciates the importance of social media, but managing posts for the different platforms can be time consuming. Even the timing of your posts can have an effect on how many of your readers will see them. Tools like Buffer can help here by identifying the times when your target audience is most active, so you can choose the optimal time to publish your content to the various social media platforms. To help with distribution, tools like CoSchedule can take new posts from your blog or news feed and automatically republish them on your preferred platforms.

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