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Three ways in which news articles can boost seasonal SEO

Three ways in which news articles can boost seasonal SEO

For many businesses, seasonal content is an important part of search engine optimisation. Business usually fluctuates throughout the year, whether this is to do with the season itself (for example, people may be more likely to do home renovations in the spring or summer) or with a specific event, such as a peak in sales at Christmas.

To harness the benefits of seasonal SEO, many companies use a news feed. Here are some of the main ways in which news articles can benefit seasonal SEO.

Capturing seasonal keywords

News articles can be ideal for capturing keywords in a way that doesn’t seem too artificial. For example, a news article about a trade fair in December can include key phrases relating to the Christmas market, without the article suffering from keyword stuffing.

Providing a variety of articles

Many website owners struggle to find a range of topics for seasonal-themed articles. It can be hard to escape the type of article that reads like a sales pitch and has nothing else to offer. A news feed is a good way of incorporating articles on different topics that help contribute to an overall SEO campaign.

Showing that the site is freshly updated

Competition can be fierce at peak seasonal times, and customers have to be convinced that a site is fully up-to-date. Content that sounds stale and generic won’t do much to communicate that a site has fresh contributions. A news feed is ideal for showing at a glance that new content is being added to a site all the time.

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