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Three tips on creating a user-friendly landing page

Three tips on creating a user-friendly landing page

So, you’ve set up your polished new website, and now you’re waiting for those all-important conversions to start trickling in.

Taking longer than expected? You may be missing a landing page!

While it’s important to have a polished homepage, and other SEO- (search engine optimisation) friendly pages that help make your website discoverable by your ideal target, landing pages can be crucial to lock in those conversions.

Put simply, a landing page can take the form of a webpage designed to capture the information of your audience in exchange for an offer, such as a trial period, e-book, video or other item of value. It is much more focused than, say, a homepage, as it usually only focuses on one particular topic; for example, a month-long fitness program, or a members-only freebie.

Oftentimes, people are generally quite reluctant to offer up their personal details online – so you’ll need to ensure your landing page is persuasive enough to encourage them to make the exchange.

Below, we’ll explore ways in which you can do this.

Crafting compelling content

Firstly, you’ll need to hook the reader in with a catchy headline – something that explains what you’re offering, without giving everything away at first glance.

By reeling the audience in with a compelling header, they’ll be more likely to scroll down the page to read the rest of your copy. Keep it brief – there’s nothing more off putting than a wall of text.

Form visibility is key

By having your lead form at the top of the landing page, your audience won’t even have to scroll down the page if they don’t want to.

Make it as simple as possible for your customers to input their details, in a form that is easily visible. If the reader is having to scan through reams of text to find your form, odds are, you’re going to lose their interest – along with those conversions.

Include a clear call to action

The most important element of your landing page is arguably your call to action (CTA).

If your page is packed with information, but not necessarily clear on the instructions your audience should take from it, you run the risk of confusing your prospects and losing their attention. Aim to make it as clear as possible for them to take the required steps.

If you need help designing a landing page, or any other of our digital marketing services, speak to the team at Engage Web today.

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