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SEO tricks

Three SEO strategies to focus on in 2019

SEO tricks

Three SEO strategies to focus on in 2019

Everyone wants to get to the top of Google and use a multitude of different strategies to try and get there. As we get deeper into 2019, these are some strategies you should definitely be considering for your site.


Google is constantly changing its front page and how it decides who should be appearing on it. It is therefore important to continually monitor your site and adjust it to meet Google’s expectations. The notion of On-SERP SEO takes this into consideration.

Organic search is now competing with paid search, maps, videos and images to get the attention of users from page one. With answer boxes, knowledge panels and the like giving users what they want, it is now important to ensure that you are giving Google what it wants to give users – answers.

2. Write content relevant to your customer needs

This is not a brand new strategy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one that remains relevant and one that should continue to be a main focus.

Writing content that answers the questions of your customers and solves their problems will draw engagement, drive business and help your site to rank for search terms that customers are actually using.

At the moment, Google is appropriating content so that users’ questions are answered without them having to click through to your site. This is most likely to be through a featured snippet that appears in the position zero slot. As Google focuses more on personalised search and giving users the information they are searching for, the content you produce should therefore take this into consideration. This type of content will remain relevant for as long as the problem or question is, and is a great way to ensure a steady surge of traffic to your site.

3. Keep your site technically sound

While your brand and content may be great, it’s not going to get anywhere if the website it is being hosted on is unnavigable and unpleasant to the eye. It is therefore imperative to ensure you are continually monitoring your site to ensure everything is working as it should, and as well as it could be.

Technical elements such as page speed and mobile friendliness will go a long way in pleasing both visitors to your site, and Google. If a visitor goes to a site with a mobile device and finds that it is not user-friendly or takes too long to load, then they will simply leave. Having more people on your site, looking at what you have to offer, is one of the first steps to increasing sales.

The performance of your website from a technical viewpoint is becoming an increasingly large factor and is now affecting how Google ranks your site, so it should therefore be a part of your ongoing SEO strategy.

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