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Three reasons why your web content is as important as a CV

Three reasons why your web content is as important as a CV

Anyone who’s ever sent off a CV in the hope of getting a job will know how vital it is to make sure the document is word-perfect. Web content performs very similar functions to a job application and needs to be written carefully, yet it’s clear that many website owners just haven’t grasped the importance of writing for the web.

1. Your web content must contain all the relevant information. Like a CV, a website is your chance to convey to a reader all the things that are important about you or your business. You’ll need to anticipate any questions readers might have, as you won’t be able to elaborate in person. Judicious editing is also vital; a wordy digression can be just as dangerous to a website as it is to a job application.

2. Careless mistakes come at a great cost. Spelling mistakes, typos and problems with grammar can ruin a website’s chances. Just as a potential employer might decide that an applicant is too careless to select, a visitor to your site may be put off by glaring errors. The decision to outsource content can be a great help in this area.

3. You’ll never know why your site loses readers. Writing for the web is similar to sending off a CV in that you may never hear anything from the people who’ve found your site but decided it wasn’t right. You can see how long people spend on your pages, but not their reasons for leaving. Strong content is a major factor in retaining readers.

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