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Calendar Social Media

Three month-long themes for your February social media

Calendar Social Media

Three month-long themes for your February social media

When a new month approaches, it’s always a good idea to take a look at what national awareness themes and other monthlong novelty occasions are on the schedule, then use these for social media and content inspiration.

Our Social Media Marketing Calendar can be downloaded free of charge and gives you the lowdown on all daily and monthly themes – some of them exciting, some practical, some serious and some just downright odd – and these are always worth monitoring to see if you can latch onto trending topics.

Monthlong ones can give you an idea to work with all month long, and with February being a short month that fits neatly into exactly four weeks (provided it’s not a leap year), there’s no better month to try it. Here are three standout themes just about business could use:

1. Boost Your Self Esteem Month

All businesses exist to solve a problem, and solving problems is an achievement that makes us feel better. Daily or weekly tips during February on what followers can do to increase their confidence and self-worth may go down well, particularly since long winters tend to get some people down. Maybe you offer classes or workshops that can teach people a new skill, or provides gifts and experiences that allow them to spoil themselves?

2. Black History Month

Black History Month in the UK encourages people to “dig deeper, look closer, think bigger”. We all display what we call “unconscious bias”, which can influence the decisions we make in terms of who we work and form relationships with, as well as who we give jobs to. Indeed, anyone who went to school before the 21st Century is likely to have learned very little about black history at school.

It’s important to treat serious awareness issues like this with the respect they deserve, but one thing you can do is highlight the role black pioneers have played in the history of your sector. The Black History Month website has some great resources you can use for this.

3. National Bird Feeding Month

This might initially seem a lot more niche than the other two, but many industries involve birds, such as horticulture and veterinary. Meanwhile, plenty of us work somewhere where there are birds in trees nearby. Share details of what you’re doing to look after your local avian friends.

Another way to keep track of themes and social media goings-on is by joining our Elite Digital Marketing Community on Facebook, where we post every weekday.

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