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Three moments that shook Twitter in 2015


Three moments that shook Twitter in 2015

With Twitter now very much the place that breaks news, makes news and allows us all to discuss the most important or interesting issues, it’s a tool that has allowed people to stand together, support one another and arguably really change the world, all through handles and hashtags.

In 2015, the power of Twitter was more evident than ever. To illustrate this, here are three very different moments that spawned tweets aplenty during the year just gone.

1. #JeSuisParis

It’s not surprising that the terror attacks in Paris were the most talked about subject on Twitter in 2015. As the shocking news unfolded, people took to social media to express their concern, show support for the people of Paris and, most tragically of all, try and find out the status of their loved ones following the terrorist assaults on the city.

Even something as simple as using the hashtag #JeSuisParis sent out a message of solidarity, as did Facebook users adding the French flag to their profile picture.

2. #LoveWins

As the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed the legalisation of same-sex marriage back in June, jubilant same-sex couples and supporters of gay marriage across the world jubilantly took to Twitter, using the hashtag #LoveWins to express their joy about the latest triumph for equality in America.

Of course, 2015 also saw gay marriage legalised in the Republic of Ireland following a public vote, which also led to the hashtag appearing.

3. #TheDress

It’s not all politics and global affairs on Twitter, and this escapade perfectly highlighted the more frivolous side of the social media site.

The conundrum surrounding the correct colour of a dress, which some people thought was blue and black, and others swore was white and gold, raged on Twitter, sparking furious debate and endless hours of entertainment.

It’s anyone’s guess what trends Twitter has in store in 2016, but it’s sure to remain the go-to place for news and affairs as they break.

John Murray
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