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Three messages poor content will send to your readers

Three messages poor content will send to your readers

Well-written content is one of the most important features of successful websites and online businesses. Once you’ve attracted people to look at your site, your content has to work hard at turning visitors into return visitors and potential customers. Badly written content will send out all the wrong messages, and many businesses are now using professional writers to ensure that their websites don’t say the following things to readers.

1. The site is unreliable. Readers will quickly deduce that a site that’s badly written may not be reliable in other ways. Poor content can undermine your authority and sends out signals that you’re careless, not a desirable quality if you’re hoping to persuade people to pay you for goods or services.

2. The site is a fake. Web users are becoming more and more able to spot fakes and scams quickly. There are many sites out there churning out content that’s lifted directly from other websites, written using programmes or badly translated. We’ve all come across sites that contained the right keywords but whose content was unreadable.

3. The site has been created on a shoestring. If you’re trying to sell something and you’re competing with established businesses, the last thing you want to do is let your readers know that you’re a one-person operation with few resources. With so many businesses failing, people need to be able to put their trust in you before sending you any payments, so your content needs to help create the right professional image.

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