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Young people social media

Three communication-themed days to get August off and racing

Young people social media

Three communication-themed days to get August off and racing

There’s something I find satisfying about months where the first day is a Monday. It seems logical, and makes it nice and easy to calculate the dates for the rest of the month.

Now that I’ve got that extremely boring personal preference out of the way, I suppose this look ahead to next week can only get more interesting. Indeed, August begins with some great themes from our Social Media Marketing Calendar that you can dive into:

1. World Wide Web Day
When?: Monday, August 1st
What is it?: A celebration of the web, and the first ever website going online on August 6th, 1991
Perfect for: Internet marketing companies, IT personnel, web services
How to mark it: You don’t often hear anyone use the phrase ‘World Wide Web’ anymore, but perhaps you should, because as we’ve discussed previously, it’s not quite the same thing as ‘the internet’. Use the day to educate and discuss how you use the web for your work
Hashtag: #WorldWideWebDay #WWWDay

2. Blogger Day
When?: Friday, August 5th
What is it?: Technically recognises Blogger.com, a 23-year-old blogging platform that has since fallen in popularity, but can be used to celebrate blogging in general
Perfect for: Writers, journalists, anyone who runs a blog
How to mark it: Blogging remains a great way to add fresh, relevant content to your site on a regular basis, and attract search engines at the same time. If you have a blog, share a link to it, or write something about how you like to blog to keep yourself up to date and your followers informed.
Hashtag: #BloggerDay

3. Professional Speakers Day
When?: Sunday, August 7th
What is it?: A tip of the hat to people who talk in front of an audience
Perfect for: Speakers, broadcasters, wedding planners, business coaches
How to mark it: If you have experience of speaking in public, share a video of it today to show how well you can do it. Perhaps there’s also a speaker you could recommend today, helping you cement relationships with other businesspeople
Hashtag: #ProfessionalSpeakersDay

An honourable mention should also go to Beer Day, which is on Friday, August 5, when you can raise a glass to your hard social media efforts at the end of the week.

Our Social Media Marketing Calendar is free to download and contains tons of theme days you can use on every day of the year. Also, if you’re not already in it, join our Elite Digital Marketing Community on Facebook to benefit from useful marketing tips, and the odd post that might make you chuckle as well!

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