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Thousands to be hypnotised via Facebook

Thousands to be hypnotised via Facebook

There are some who don’t believe in hypnosis, and some who swear by it. Tonight many Facebook users may find out the truth about hypnosis, live online, as thousands of people are hypnotised via the social networking website.

Chris Hughes, a British hypnotist, is attempting to hypnotise over 6,000 people at the same time via Facebook, at 8:30pm (just a few minutes from now). The hypnosis attempt would set a new world record for the number of people hypnotised at any one time.

Hughes has used Facebook and Twitter to sign up willing hypnosis volunteers, believing that social networking is the way forward for his science.

I launched it thinking just a few people would be interested. Since then it’s gone mad. I’m getting one or two registrations per minute and people have signed up from 90 countries – from Peru to Israel.

Social media is the new way to communicate. It’s a perfect way to help educate the world about hypnosis.

The hypnosis attempt, which begins in a few minutes time, will allow Internet users to become hypnotised from their own home. Chris Hughes requests that people have a comfy chair and ensure that they will not be disturbed.

The session is designed to help people achieve their goals for the new year, whether that’s stopping smoking, losing weight or gaining confidence.

Hypnotism gives you the ability to accept suggestions for change. It is about changing the core programming of the mind.

Anyone wondering whether it is safe to be hypnotised without a trained hypnotist being present can rest assured that Chris Hughes is convinced it is safe. He does ask that under 18s, pregnant women, anyone under the influence of alcohol and anyone with mental illness problems should avoid the experiment.

It is nothing to be scared of, it is actually a relaxing and really lovely feeling.

The session is not about me controlling people. They will be in charge of whether they stay in the session or not. They can leave at any time.

Are you going to take part? You can join in live, here.

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