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The Willy Wonka Experience and the embarrassing reality of relying on AI

The Willy Wonka Experience and the embarrassing reality of relying on AI

By now, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the suddenly infamous event known as the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience, which made news headlines last week for all the wrong reasons.

Willy’s Chocolate Experience’s online promotion promised an immersive adventure to entertain both children and parents, based on the character originally created by Roald Dahl. However, parents were left infuriated by the reality of the event, which involved a mostly empty warehouse populated with randomly placed props and hired actors, with a number of children left in tears by the ‘horrifying’ and ‘shambolic’ experience.

It has since been revealed that the event was both created and promoted largely through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This is evident in the Willy’s Chocolate Experience website, the content of which appears to have been created using an AI chatbot.

Promotional images with captions, likely created through an AI image creator (the likes of which hasn’t quite mastered the ability to add legible text to images), advertised features of the event such as ‘Catgacating’, ‘Ukxepcted twits’ and ‘a pasadise of sweet teats’.

Wonka Experience 1       Wonka Experience 2

Furthermore, the hired actors complained of being given a script that made little to no sense, was much different to the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story and, hilariously for some but horrifying for others, even created a brand-new character called ‘The Unknown’.

Thanks to the ever-growing development of AI and its capabilities, it is easier than ever to create professional looking promotional text and images to advertise a product, service or event. However, the AI tools used to create promotional materials are simply responding to prompts, and are rarely based on the reality of the service that is being provided.

On first impressions, it wouldn’t be too difficult to mistake Willy’s Chocolate Experience for a professional and organised immersive event. However, while it’s hard to cover up a lack of organisation, planning and effort when parents and children show up to your event, AI can be effective in convincing people to buy tickets, even if you’re selling a false dream. If your event receives as much publicity as the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience though, you may have no choice but to refund all who bought your product based on AI promotional material.

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