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The Wikipedia effect

The Wikipedia effect

If you were ever in any doubt that adding content to your website on a daily basis will give a significant boost to your rankings, just look at the best and most illustrious content case study: Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has nearly 400 million pages listed in Yahoo! and ranks for practically every search term you care to enter into Google. Have you ever wondered how Wikipedia ranks for everything, why it’s always there at the top of the SERPs when you’re looking for something?

It’s content, content and more content. Wikipedia has billions of pages and receives thousands of updates every day. It features pages on every subject and they all link to each other. You could spend from now until the end of your life reading Wikipedia and never finish it; because they’re adding stuff to it quicker than you can read it!

So how does this help you? You can’t compete with Wikipedia and become an authority on everything. No, but you can become an authority on your business, your industry. If your industry is, for example, computer training and IT courses; you can feature daily articles and news for that sector. Build up your website and become such an industry resource that your website becomes the Wikipedia of your industry.

It sounds simple, almost as though it were too good to be true. The fact is however that many SEOs just haven’t realised the importance of content and don’t understand how, by writing daily articles and news posts within your industry, that your website can become an authority site in Google.

Learn from Wikipedia, real SEO starts with your own content.

Darren Jamieson

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