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Google backwards

The top online April Fools’ pranks

Google backwards

The top online April Fools’ pranks

It has become a growing tradition for web-based firms to take time out from their search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts to have a joke on April 1st.

While April Fools’ Day only comes around once a year, many online companies have clearly taken the time to craft some quality pranks, with some being ridiculous, while others border on the possible. With that in mind, here is a brief guide of some of the best:

Google Panda

Google Asia Pacific unveiled the search firm’s new cuddly assistant to help its users with online queries, Google Panda. The small toy, which comes in two sizes, Panda 5 and Panda 6, even had a realistic-looking launch video. It was claimed that Panda can understand fifty different languages and answer complex search queries, all while hugging on to the user.

Backwards searches

Not to be outdone by its regional department, the main page of Google was made available in reverse. By going to com.google, netizens could view the familiar website backwards, with even the results being displayed in this way.

A blast from the past

Smartphone brand Lumia, meanwhile, announced the return of a stripped back operating system, MS-DOS. The Microsoft line of phones would do away with graphics to keep the black screen with white writing that many older computer users would recognise.

Unique goodies

Online retailer ThinkGeek was also advertising a number of strange products, including a rig for taking 360-degree selfies and wearable tech to turn everyday life into a magical quest. However, the firm does have a name for turning its joke products into reality, so some of the pranks may actually become available.

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