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The struggle between body and mind to recognise errors

The struggle between body and mind to recognise errors

Research conducted by psychologists Gordon Logan and Matthew Crump shows that although errors we make are recognised by our bodies, the mind doesn’t see them. The study, published in Science, researched the ability of typists to recognise errors which they had made. Typists perform their tasks on autopilot, their fingers skimming across the keyboard at speed without having to consider which keys are being pressed. During the study, the typists had to type words which appeared on a screen before reporting to the researchers whether they had made any errors or not.

The researchers sneakily inserted deliberate errors which the typists accepted they had made, even though they hadn’t. The errors that they had made, but were corrected unknowingly by the researchers, were not acknowledged by the typists.

During typing, errors that were made by the typists went unnoticed, although the fingers slowed down. This has proven that even simple processes such as typing involve multiple processes. These processes don’t always work in conjunction with each other, which is why errors occur.

Article writing is subject to the same processes, which explains why so many articles and web copy have typing errors that are not noticed by the writer. Very often a person writes articles which they believe to contain well written, grammatically correct and error free prose, which in fact does contain errors. Outsourcing to a professional article writing service will ensure that the content is created by English speaking writers and then checked by qualified editors who will make necessary corrections.

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