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The secret to writing article submissions

The secret to writing article submissions

Many people have heard of article submissions when connected to Internet marketing. Some website owners have even attempted to write article submissions themselves. However, not many people who engage in article submissions actually find any success with it, at least when you consider what article submissions are really for; building links.

Content writing for article submissions is different from writing copy for print, and it is also different than writing copy for your own website. When you’re writing web copy for your website’s homepage for example, you want to use your keywords, sound professional and mention the services that you offer. You don’t want your homepage copy to be too subtle, or potential customers won’t know what you are actually offering.

With article submissions however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you write article submissions to mention your products and services and talk about how your company is the best at what they do, you’re writing an advert – not an article submission. Adverts will not be accepted by the majority of article submission websites, so you will have ended up wasting your time.

What makes a quality article submission is a well researched, well balanced article that talks about an aspect your industry. It should not mention your company. A blatant plug for your own company will simply mark it out as being an advert and will see it rejected.

You will still get your advert however. Your author profile, or resource box, can be used to mention your company and website. This is where you can talk about your services; doing it in the article submission will see it declined.

Of course, the best way to guarantee that your article submissions are accepted is to use a company offering article submission services. By having your articles written by professional SEO copywriters, you’ll avoid some of the many other mistakes that prevent articles from being published.

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