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The secret to social networking success

The secret to social networking success

Quick, come over here. I’ve got a secret to tell you. Now, you’ve got to promise not to share it with anybody – we can’t have everyone honing in on the action. You want to know the secret to being popular on social networks for your search engine optimisation plan? Listen very, very closely: the secret to this popularity is… everyone needs to like you.

Sorry about that. Now that we’ve got the ultimate secret out of the way, we can get on to more practical questions, like ‘How on earth do you get everyone to like you?’ Whether you’re talking about online, or down your Liverpool local, it’s not easy to predict what will make people like you. There are strategies that give you better chances of success.

*Pay attention. One of the easiest ways to be likeable in real life is just to listen, and this holds true on social networks. Reading others’ posts and posting insightful replies is a tried-and-true way to build your profile

*Don’t be creepy. This may seem obvious, but definitions of ‘creepy’ differ. Often, too much enthusiasm is a creepy thing. The golden rule of social networking is ‘be genuine,’ and this is doubly important for businesses.

*Stay active. If you only drop around your local once every three months, people won’t know you well enough to become friendly. If you’re there daily, chances are you’ll make friends just by being there. Drop into your social networks regularly, and you’re on the right path

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