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The search battle: is Twitter entering the ring?

The search battle: is Twitter entering the ring?

The launching of new applications and features have been coming hard and fast in the search industry in the last few months, leaving no room for doubt that Bing, Yahoo and Google are engaged in a serious battle for supremacy. Another entity entering the ring recently, however, is a contender from outside the traditional search arena: Twitter.

Both Bing and Google have made multiple launches of new search features in the last several months. Google took on Bing’s Bing Travel search feature recently with the launch of Google Flight, while Bing made its own forward move with the announcement of shortcut buttons to allow booking and flight-checking straight from the search screen.

Social media sites seem to want to get in on the action. Facebook recently re-vamped user home pages to present information in a news-based format, showing updates and stories topically instead of the former chronological order. Twitter, however, has made an even stronger advance into the search industry ring, acquiring search technology company Julpan. The social media site’s plans for the search start-up company have yet to be announced.

Twitter also appears to be copying part of the search engines’ monetising strategies, with promoted tweets now appearing in selected users’ news streams.

Social media sites have been taken into consideration in most sites’ search engine optimisation plans and even SEO sales jobs for the last couple of years, and many in the SEO industry have predicted a move within the social media toward search. Twitter’s recent moves seem to confirm this theory.

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