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The rise and rise of SEO understanding

The rise and rise of SEO understanding

Considering that SEO was not a job or indeed concept understood just a matter of years ago, that many thousands of people now work within the sphere worldwide is pretty staggering. It is a role which is set to rise too, according to research completed by a Spanish firm.

The art of search engine optimisation is one still clouded in mystery in many respects. It is more than 15 years old though. The major reason it is still a mystery to some is probably because it is a constantly changing landscape.

With algorithms changing from day to day, different search engines, new techniques and so on, there is much to keep on track with.

It seems that there are a great many people trying to stay on track too.

The findings from BlueCaribu have discovered that on Google alone, more than 9million people search for SEO information in any given month.

This means that 3.5 people request an SEO related search every second.

The breakdown per country saw the UK come in at number six for most number of searches for SEO. This is the highest in Europe. The biggest number of searches by country was India, closely followed by Pakistan. The Philippines ranked number three.

That there are many online content writers in south east Asia probably correlates here.

Other facts the research concluded were that 863 million websites mention SEO and more than 186,000 videos on SEO are indexed on YouTube. A quarter of a million tweets also mention SEO in any given month.

Thursday is also the most popular day to search for SEO. Unsurprising that you’re reading this today then.

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