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The reality of Project Glass moves closer

The reality of Project Glass moves closer

The audience at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco was given a sneak preview of how internet connected glasses could change the way that people use technology. Skydivers were hired by Google to leap out of a blimp 7000 feet in the air wearing the internet connected glasses. The glasses also have a camera connected, so the skydivers were able to capture the dive just as they saw it. The 6000 attendees of the conference watched the event unfold on a screen inside the conference.

Project Glass was announced in April this year, although work has been on-going for about two years. The aim of the glasses is to provide a way to interact with the digital world without having to use a hand held device. A rectangular screen is displayed above the right eye on the rim of the glasses so that a text message received or watching a video online becomes a possibility while interacting with the world around you. A prototype of the glasses is available to computer programmers who attended the San Francisco conference for $1500.

Anyone purchasing the prototype will receive the glasses at the start of next year.
Although Google anticipate that critics will say that the glasses will make it difficult for people to interact with the surrounding world, Google state that everyday tasks like taking a photo or online shopping will become possible while walking around.

Google innovations can make some SEO jobs more complex, although the introduction of the glasses will require only minimal changes to a company’s SEO campaign.

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