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The price of being seen on social media


The price of being seen on social media

Social networking site Facebook has stated that companies should only pay for online ads that are actually viewed by its users.

In the past, professional members have been charged for having adverts served on social news feeds. However, this means that a business may be paying for an ad that is not actually being viewed by its target audience, as it could be at the bottom of the page and not scrolled to.

Facebook has maintained that this sort of approach is wrong for social media, and instead it should be actual impressions that count. This way, a company carrying out internet marketing is only paying for postings that it knows are being seen by possible clients, helping to make sure that its advertising budget stretches further.

The concept of payment for impressions was outlined in a recent blog post from Facebook, which was titled ‘The Value of Viewed Impressions’. Along with the call for the industry to start operating in this manner, the social network also stated that its platform already works this way.

The nature of Facebook helps it in this regard, as many of the paid-for ads will pop up in users’ news feeds, meaning that it is much easier for the company to offer up served impressions. The social platform’s vice president of measurement and insights, Brad Smallwood, told TechCrunch that even if someone just scrolls past the marketing post without interacting with it, the product or brand is still likely to register with the viewer.

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