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The joy of deadlines

The joy of deadlines

Far from being something that should be avoided or shunned, the humble deadline is actually a blessing in disguise. This is because typical human behaviour tends towards procrastination, distraction and enjoyment of the present moment at the expense of an imagined future. A deadline introduces an element of fear which can overcome inertia and propel freelance article writers towards their keyboards.

Oddly enough, deadlines are more effective than money at persuading writers to settle down to work. Of course, everyone needs to get paid in order to eat and live under a roof, but there are many ways to earn money and one can always tell oneself that one of the other ways will be fine if the current job falls through. A deadline, on the other hand, is not normally negotiable, and if it is open to debate, the conversation is unlikely to be easy.

Looking past the fear that the thought of missing deadlines may provoke, there is a great motivating force within a deadline which one might wish could be transferred to other areas of life. It would be beneficial, for example, if one’s self-imposed deadlines held as much power as those set by others. Getting up at six every morning for a health-improving run is a task which is less likely to be performed because the deadline can be easily, endlessly moved. Professional content writers are particularly familiar with the importance of deadlines and will have developed the time-management skills to ensure they are always met.

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