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The Invisible Grammar Monster

The Invisible Grammar Monster

There’s something stalking your search engine optimisation content, and it’s not pleasant. It’s impossible for most people to see, but they detect it nonetheless. The biggest companies have hired trained experts to hunt this creature down, but smaller companies are rarely equipped with a defender who will fight this invisible monster roaming the net. It’s up to their owners to develop the skills and summon the courage to confront this silent, stalking traffic-killer… the Invisible Grammar Monster.

The thing is, you don’t need to know the words of grammar to know when something’s wrong. Plenty of people who can’t even spell ‘apostrophe’ will recognise when one has been misplaced. You don’t need to know what a gerund is to know that it doesn’t belong in a particular sentence.

One of the wonders of the English language is that the simple act of reading will give the average person enough of an instinct to tell when something has been written well, or badly. The unfortunate side-effect of this for most website owners during SEO is that they need to stay alert to bad content. Internet users from all kinds of backgrounds will be put off by bad spelling and grammar in content, due to the niggling feeling in the back of their minds that something is wrong.

Bad grammar stalks the Internet like an invisible fiend, preying on unsuspecting websites. Its effects can be disastrous, decimating traffic rates and dragging rankings down. Don’t let your site become a victim of the Invisible Grammar Monster.

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