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The importance of user experience on a website

The importance of user experience on a website

Websites can come in a variety of designs and styles, but one factor that is essential to all sites is their users.

The best way to cater to the users of your site is to make it a breeze for them to find exactly what it is they’re looking for. The most effective way this can be done is by enhancing the user’s experience, and this is mainly done through navigation.

In case you don’t know, user experience (UX) is impacted through the design of your website and, whether positive or negative, is a major factor in the impression your visitors will take from it.

How to ensure your website has a positive user experience

  • Does the website contain useful and relevant information? Regular content updates can ensure this and will also benefit the SEO of your site.
  • Is your site useable? If you have a well-organized menu which is easy to understand, you will give your visitors the best possible chance of navigating to the information they are looking for.
  • Does your site have accessibility features? This will allow the website to accommodate for everyone.
  • Is your website concise? You must find the balance between the amount of text you use. If you have too little information, it looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about, whereas if you have too much, it could be off-putting, and users are more likely to get bored.
  • Is your website credible? Does your site have all the necessary safety and security features?

Why user experience is so important

Ultimately, user experience will have a big impact on the amount of traffic your site receives. If someone visits your site and is put off by the UX, they are likely to click off, never to return.

Alternatively, if someone visits your site and has a great experience, it is probable that they will remain on the site, potentially revisiting it in the future and maybe even recommending it to others.

If you think your website’s user experience needs improving, get in touch with us here at Engage Web, and find out how we can help you.

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