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The importance of space in content on the Internet

The importance of space in content on the Internet

Experienced content writers know that they have to adjust their technique depending on who they are communicating to. An article for an academic journal is not constructed according to the same conventions as a newspaper piece. It’s all about pleasing the typical reader of an article.

When it comes to article writing for the net it is imperative to be aware that the average user has different wants and needs from somebody sitting down with a newspaper. It is one thing to relax with a newspaper in your hand, enjoying the writing of a favourite columnist. It is quite another thing to be in front of a computer screen, where the average user tends to skim and scan.

It could be said that net users are like magpies. They are strongly attracted by certain things and not prepared to wait around. Large blocks of content are anathema to users. There is nothing to tempt the user to finish them. They easily become fatigued or lose interest entirely.

An experienced content writer is well aware of the limited attention of the average net user. They use lots of blank space to stop users succumbing to ennui. They stud their content with little pieces of information so the user flits from paragraph to paragraph.

SEO copywriting involves using space effectively. The utilisation of the humble list can be a particularly efficient strategy. Users think a content writer knows their stuff if they package their content in the list format. Most of all, perhaps, a list breaks things up perfectly.

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