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The importance of coherent content

The importance of coherent content

If you have a team of freelance writers or a content agency already on board, you may think you’re ready to start producing content. There is a challenge you need to consider first, however: How do you ensure coherent content?

You can have amazing writers producing first-rate content, but if it’s not organised into a cohesive strategy, it will not help promote your brand.

Don’t skip the planning stage

Plan out what you aim to accomplish with your content marketing strategy and budget accordingly. Having some realistic aims written down will guide you towards achieving these goals.

Create content standards

When you have multiple writers working independently, it’s highly likely that they will progress down different paths if not sufficiently guided, leading to muddled and contradictory content. It is therefore essential to have some form of creative brief to guide your content creators down the path you want them all to go.

In your content standards, you should be establishing the voice you want all your content to use. You may also want to list certain keywords that you would like to be associated with your brand and your products, as well as certain words that you would like your writers to avoid. When you provide detailed guidelines, your writers will not need to guess.

Check all content

Creating content standards is one thing, but enforcing them is a different matter. Check all content prior to publishing by comparing it to a checklist of required qualities. For example, does it mention the required keywords? Does it fit in with your brand message? Does it project the right voice?

Maintain a schedule

Keep track of all your deliverables on a calendar. You could also include key events and seasonal variations on this, because these can help provide inspiration for your writers.

Finally, review your progress regularly. Analytics offer a good way to see what’s resonating most with your users, so you can adapt your processes accordingly.

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