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The evolution of the web creative

The evolution of the web creative

There is a common misconception as to what a webdesigner or webdeveloper is. They both get placed under the banner of “does websites”, which leads to a lot of frustration from both parties. The web now ubiquitous, with more companies realising the importance of having a strong web presence. This, coupled with the emergence and subsequent popularity of apps, has made people more interested in this area. Hopefully, it will lead to an understanding of the difference of skills and expectations between the two.

It has long been the role of the designer to create the front end of the website, who looks at the user experience, implementing design principles to dictate the journey through the website. Developers, on the other hand, make the technical things happen; they make sure everything functions correctly and works as expected, also to create and code the site to the designer’s (sometimes unreasonable) expectations.

This being the case, it has become almost a duty of both the designer and the developer to start to learn more about each other’s roles, skills and expectations. The developer learns colour theory, design principle and layout. The Designer learns HTML, CSS, structure and dynamic coding. This has led to a new breed of all-round web creative that can both design and code a website to completion and develop applications, making interactions with specialist designers and developers smoother and more productive.

So, in the interest of maintaining definitions between design and development, what do we call this new breed of web creatives? They are the bridge between the designers and developers, the technical and non-technical. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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