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The difference between old and new SEO techniques

The difference between old and new SEO techniques

If you read up about the old days of SEO, you’ll see that once upon a time things were a lot simpler. Keywords, links and rankings were all part of a relatively simple process. As time has gone by, the way in which each of these elements affects the other has grown incredibly complicated. In fact, the way in which search engine optimisation works is still growing so complicated that it’s vital to keep in touch with the industry.

It’s essential to stay on top of the changes in search engine optimisation if you want your site’s ranking to stay healthy. A lot of website owners seem to think that SEO is a one-time thing, much like getting the website built in the first place. SEO is quite a lot like web design in this area. Both search engine optimisation and web design require that the site owner monitors the industry in order to keep up with the fast pace of changes.

SEO is an industry that is constantly changing. Some changes come hard and fast on each other’s tails, so swift in movement that even experienced professionals have trouble catching up with them. If you treat your SEO like a slow-moving beast, you end up creating more work when you do re-optimise.

The failure to keep up with the SEO industry can cost a business a lot in the long term. Not only can it be costly in terms of the extent of re-optimisation, it can cost in terms of rankings. Keeping up makes business sense.

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