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The consistent success of Wikipedia

The consistent success of Wikipedia

A recent study has shown that Wikipedia continues to do organic marketing of itself well, revealing that in 46% of Google searches, it is on page one of the SERPs.

The global data, from New York based SEO company Conductor, also showed that Wikipedia results appeared on page one of Bing’s results 31% of the time.

The study interrogated 2,000 search terms and made the comparison against both search engines. The page two results were also significantly different, with Google showing a 25% hit rate and Bing showing just 5%.

The results of the study are interesting on many levels.

Firstly, they show that both search engines are different and employ different weighting factors in their algorithms. They also show that the Wikipedia entries work well and, through the very definition of how they are created, are organically listed.

Interestingly, the study is at odds with others that have suggested Bing is more favourable to Wikipedia. Though the headline figures suggest this is not the case, drilling into the numbers shows a far more complex story.

Whilst page one results are more prevalent on Google than they are on Bing, when they are returned on page one on the Microsoft engine, they are 18% more likely to be in the top three.

Although the results of the study are interesting, the simple truth is that there is very little to learn. Search analysis is incredibly subjective, with a landscape that constantly changes minute by minute, which is why getting your SEO right is ever more important.

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