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‘The Bed Intruder Song’ an example of YouTube success

‘The Bed Intruder Song’ an example of YouTube success

What do you get when you put together a night-time intruder, an outraged brother, and a local news crew? Ordinarily, you’d get a fairly compelling news story, but when you add the extra factors of autotune, a backbeat and YouTube, you get a massive online success.

The ‘Bed Intruder Song‘ is an unlikely success story. On 29th June last year, an NBC local news affiliate site in Huntsville, Alabama, posted an interview with Antoine Dodson, the outraged brother of a woman whose bedroom was broken into by an unknown male. Dodson’s unusual diatribe caught the eye of musicians The Gregory Brothers, who autotuned Dodson’s speech, posted the reworked news footage on YouTube, and began making iTunes sales. Six months later, the sales are in the hundreds of thousands, and the views have crept over 80 million.

There are many examples of wonderfully weird virals on YouTube. The Bed Intruder Song is a prime example of how YouTube can be used for business purposes. The Gregory Brothers have managed to turn their YouTube viral into a broader success.

You may be thinking, ‘not everyone is lucky enough to come across hysterical brothers with untapped talent,‘ but this is not the point. When using YouTube to support your search engine optimisation campaign, putting the business objective first just doesn’t work. The Gordon Brothers succeeded because they created something they liked, not because they were working an SEO angle. When creating YouTube videos as virals to support your SEO, go for the creative first, business second.


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