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The advantages of migrating to Bootstrap 3.x

The advantages of migrating to Bootstrap 3.x

In a previous post, Bootstrap was mentioned as a fantastic framework for front-end developers. It gives users the ability to customise their version and its features, while also allowing the simple implementation of functionality and effects. It helped to standardise the development process and removed many of the time-consuming tasks from the UI creation process.

Now, Bootstrap 3.x, the latest and greatest version of this framework, has been released and it brings with it plenty of useful new features. Something that stood out initially was the inclusion of a brand new set of glyphicons. These are no longer png pixel maps of the past; they now make up a complete set of fonts, and can be re-sized without any quality being lost. They are styled more towards an app/mobile interface, which after the iPhone OS update has become a more recognisable style for phone and tablet users. This version of Bootstrap is certainly targeted with mobile users in mind.

The CSS, for instance, is no longer separated into two files – one responsive and one not – it’s combined with a whole new class-naming convention which is more adapted towards screen and device size and the way in which the elements will be organised and displayed. Support for IE7 and the earlier versions of Firefox has been dropped and the handling of modal window scrolling has been vastly improved.

For those who have already made inroads with Bootstrap 2.3.2, migration to this new framework will be a bit fiddly but it won’t be impossible. Much of the established functionality and many of the classes still remain but with the lines between desktop, mobile and tablet browsing becoming blurred, developers are certainly encouraged to prepare their sites in a way that makes them friendly to any visitor, regardless of their viewing device – Bootstrap 3.x simply makes this easier to achieve.

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