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The advantages of content strategy

The advantages of content strategy

It is generally accepted that content drives a website. Ideally, it should be something visitors can engage with and understand, helping them to use and appreciate a site, while increasing the chances of that site being found by search engines. Often, though, content is created in an ad hoc way. It may be rushed, or written by people who are not trained writers. When this happens, the site does not fulfil its potential. A content strategist plans to enhance a site over time, generally recommending that writing work be carried out by professional SEO copywriters with appropriate skills.

Content strategy involves deciding in advance what kind of written material a website requires. Choices will have to be made about the type of information needed, as well as the style of the writing and how it blends with the overall tone of the site. There may be alternatives to text that could be beneficial, such as audio and video clips. These could be used to complement the words on a given page.

Planning for content involves thinking about aspects of navigation, such as where on a site each piece will fit, and how similar articles can be grouped together. In order to organise what could be a large number of valuable resources, a searchable archive for visitors may be required. If the budget does not stretch to employing a content strategist, a member of the existing team could take on this role, but ideally trained content writers should produce the words which are such a vital factor for success.

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