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The A-Team’s Guide to SEO

The A-Team’s Guide to SEO

When you need SEO on your website, you want to hire the very best you can. As we all know from watching Saturday afternoon television, the A-Team are the very best at everything they do. They can run taxi firms, save logging firms, rescue kidnapped daughters and even fend off bounty hunters. One thing the A-Team never had to do however was SEO someone’s website.

So, if the A-Team were in the search engine optimisation business, exactly how would they perform SEO for a website?


hannibalFirst off, you can bet Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith would be on the jazz and have a plan. An SEO strategy is essential for performing successful SEO, and as Hannibal is the best at coming up with plans, plans that come together, he’d be pretty good at devising an SEO strategy for your website.

Hannibal also likes to get people involved in his plans, so that when the A-Team have rode off into the sunset the people they have saved can fend for themselves. This is also important in SEO as you want to be able to learn what is being done on your website and with Hannibal leading the way you can be sure that you’ll be involved; even if you don’t know exactly why you’re doing what he’s asked.


403130070a403138261b480231895mlSergeant Bosco B.A. Baracus isn’t just about throwing people one helluva far distance, drinking milk and selling Snickers bars; he’s also an accomplished SEO expert. B.A. would take one look at your website before declaring in his gruff, to the point, voice:

I’m gonna get my tools from the van!

This is because B.A. knows that tools are an important part of SEO and act as great link bait for your website, attracting high quality, valuable, relevant links and they also help to keep visitors ‘stuck on’ your website. The better the tools you have on your site, the more ‘sticky’ it is and the more visitors will stay on your site and buy your products and enquire about your services.

However, if you need SEO in the Wirral B.A. won’t be able to help you cos he ain’t getting on no plane fool!


peckTempleton ‘Faceman’ Peck is the consummate snowball artist, and his SEO methods could be described by some as slightly ‘iffy’. Face will do what most SEO professionals can’t; he will get you very high quality links from websites. However, where Google states that link buying is bad, Face will play by Google’s rules because he has no intention of paying for links anyway!

Face will get links for your website, and he will get them for free. He will convince other websites that they should be linking to your site and he will tell them what anchor text to use in those links. Face is to link building what B.A. is to tools, and his form of SEO is highly effective.


murdock1H.M Murdock, or ‘Howling Mad’ as he is known to his friends, is the member of the A-Team you want writing your content. Good quality content is all about getting people to read it, send it to their friends, bookmark it, Digg it and promote it on every social networking website they know. This isn’t going to happen with boring, run of the mill blog posts and copy. For this sort of success, to benefit from the sort of traffic levels you can get from high quality content, you need H.M. Murdock writing your blogs.

Who knows what Murdock will come out with next, but you can be certain it will be interesting, will make excellent link bait and will drastically increase your traffic levels.

Between the four members of the A-Team you have the perfect SEO company; an SEO company that will devise the ideal strategy for your SEO campaign, build effective tools for your website, build high quality relevant links and write excellent copy for your website.

If you have an SEO problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you can hire the A-Team.

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