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The 3 essentials of on-page SEO

The 3 essentials of on-page SEO

One of the main questions my fellow SEO gurus are often asked is ‘If you could only do three things to a page to improve its SEO, what would you do?‘ It’s right there behind, ‘What the heck is SEO anyway?‘ The answers will vary slightly from expert to expert, but essentially there are three main things you can do to improve the search engine optimisation of the pages of your website.

1. Good title tags. You might be surprised, but this is the most complex task, and one that is so often found wanting on the pages of many websites. Forming a good title tag is one of the tougher SEO jobs, and one of the most important.

2. Good content. One of the hardest SEO jobs to master is simplicity. Really. Many of the newcomers to SEO careers go all out for their clients, and fail. Not because of a lack of effort, but more due to too much effort. Think of good SEO content as a delicate bubble; too much pressure from keywords and it will pop. Good content for search engine optimisation requires a subtle touch.

3. Good structure. Having great pages will only do so much. If the little search engine spiders can’t creep from page to page in their magical little way, then your SEO is going to be limited.

SEO is not a simple task. Even when you do get the above three things absolutely perfect, there is still a lot of additional work that needs to be done in order to achieve the rankings you desire. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of off-page work is also necessary before your website can hit the big time.

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