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Thank quad for the Engage Web Teambuilding Day 2023!

Thank quad for the Engage Web Teambuilding Day 2023!

Yesterday saw our entire team head over to Catton Hall for our annual Engage Web Teambuilding Day.

As always, it was a day full of laughs, bonding, action and, unfortunately for some (mostly the person writing this), some embarrassing moments. Along with Ryan, this was my first Teambuilding Day with the company, and it is one that won’t be lived down too quickly.

Upon arriving to Catton Hall, we were greeted with coffee and breakfast, before moving downstairs for some training exercises testing our values. Some important company updates followed, before we split into two teams, competing in the games Scattergories, which was won by the team of Darren, Emily, John and Nick, and Pictionary, which was won by the same team.

Lunch followed, before we began the afternoon’s activities, starting with archery. After getting to grips with the bow and arrow, we began competing for the best overall score. A clay pigeon was introduced, offering bonus points as well as the opportunity to take points away from others. I was the first to hit the clay pigeon, adding a whopping 25 points to my score. Unfortunately, the bonuses got better as the rounds progressed, and although Darren had his score wiped on two occasions, he luckily managed to hit the 100-point clay pigeon twice with his final two shots, and emerged the winner.

Air rifle shooting was next, with the competition coming in the form of firing a round into the smallest area possible. Some good skills were on show, eventually coming down to a shootout between Darren and Nick. However, it was Nick who won on this occasion.

Then, we moved onto quadbiking.

I was quite excited about this part, but little did I know this activity was not my forte. Within 20 seconds on the quadbike, I had crashed into a motionless tree. After being placed back on track, I managed to mainly stay on the quadbike, with some control, while everybody else was fully getting the hang of it.

Then, as we began to set off into the woods, disaster struck as me and my quadbike crashed through an electric fence-held wooden pole, leaving the quad and myself stranded. While everybody else enjoyed the rest of the fun on four wheels, I returned to the lodge, determined to never mount another quadbike ever again.

All in all, Teambuilding Day 2023 was a lot of fun, and it was good to spend time with everyone away from the office. However, I fear it will be remembered for my quadbiking mishap, and rightfully so.

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