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Techspeak damages understanding of English grammar

Techspeak damages understanding of English grammar

A recent study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, Illinois, has discovered that students who regularly use techspeak will have a poor concept of the correct use of English grammar. This includes the standard of punctuation and spelling, and the use of emoticons. A survey was carried out on 228 students from across the east coast, from sixth to eighth grade middle school. The aim was to discover the link between scores on an English grammar assessment and the use of texting. The researchers discovered a negative link between the two.

The study stated that adolescents found the use of text message technology convenient and useful. However, by constantly using abbreviations and not having to worry about punctuation and grammar, students lose the ability to be grammatically correct, which could affect the completion of a job application form or write an essay for school. From the students who were surveyed, 11 per cent admit that communicating electronically has negatively impacted on their writing skills. It is a common belief that writing skills are necessary to be successful by 86con per cent of respondents. Techspeak is found in the use of text messages, emails, instant messaging and social networks.

Writing skills and the correct use of English grammar are necessary in all aspects of life. Content on a business website would be negatively affected by spelling errors, bad punctuation and the use of emoticons. Outsourcing website content production to a SEO copywriting service is one way for a business to ensure that all content is fresh, original and accurate.

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