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Tech giants’ secrets to be revealed under new EU legislation

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Tech giants’ secrets to be revealed under new EU legislation

New EU legislation, if passed, would mean that Google, Meta (Facebook), and other big names in tech would need to explain their algorithms.

The new Digital Service Act (DSA) will result in digital companies like Google and Meta having to take more responsibility over the content shown on their platforms. This will mean removing any illegal content and any products that are illegal more quickly than ever, which is expected to help to tackle misinformation.

If the big technology companies do not abide by the new legislation, they could be hit by a fine of 6% of their turnover.

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said:

“The DSA will upgrade the ground-rules for all online services in the EU.”

The final information about the legislation is yet to be released, but the European Parliament and Commission have detailed some of the obligations the new legislation will bring, including:

• Stopping any advertising based on an individual’s sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity, and minors cannot be targeted by advertising
• Eliminating confusing user interfaces that result in users making certain choices; for example, cancelling subscriptions should be as easy as signing up for them
• Platforms like Facebook will need to be more transparent about how their algorithms work
• Online platforms and hosting services will need to be more transparent about why they have removed illegal content and give users access to appeal against removals
• Online marketplaces like eBay will need to keep basic information about sellers on their platform to help track people selling illegal goods or services
• Large platforms will have to develop new strategies to help tackle misinformation during crises such as COVID-19

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