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Survey suggests bright future of SEO

Survey suggests bright future of SEO

In a recent survey compiled by Mavenlink, 66 per cent of marketers have reportedly seen their budgets for search engine optimisation increase.

With creating a website nowadays being a piece of cake, whilst setting up a blog is even easier – that is why the world, her husband and the Pope, all have their own online presence. However, as anyone working on an SEO strategy will know, being heard is increasingly difficult.

There is some good news around though, as it appears that top level company executives are starting to realise its importance. This is helping companies with their online marketing overall, with specific Internet marketing budgets being set, whole separate departments created and further jobs being generated.

A informed customer base

With the growing levels of information available, customers are ever more educated about what is going on in their worlds. With many people being constantly connected too, this information is often just skimmed. The secret to successful SEO is, has been, and forever will be getting that attention for longer than a few seconds.

Budgets boosted

It is this growing need for attention that is forcing CEO’s to up budgets to online marketers and innovate with ways to catch the eye. In typical capitalist fashion, this is being achieved through throwing money at the issue.

The survey demonstrated furthermore that over 25 per cent of marketers have seen their budgets grow by more than a quarter. The data suggests that such trends will continue through 2013. It all adds up to a rather bright future for those working in SEO, or considering a move into the field.

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