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Teens social media

Survey reveals top social media platforms for teens

Teens social media

Survey reveals top social media platforms for teens

Those businesses that have teens in their target audiences may want to set up a TikTok account if they don’t already have one, thanks to a new study.

The new report was conducted by Pew Research, and it saw the company survey more than 1,300 US-based teens (which it has defined as those between the age of 13 to 17) and their parents between April and May 2022. The purpose of this research was to gain insights into which social media platforms teens focus on – and how much of their time they spend on each of them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, TikTok is now up there among the top social media apps for teens, with it now being the second most used app, with 67% of the teens surveyed saying they’ve used TikTok, 58% saying they use it daily and 16% saying they use the app “almost constantly”. In comparison, despite being a top player in Pew Research’s 2014-15 survey where it came in second with 71% of teens having said they used it, Facebook has fallen to fifth place. Only 32% of teens now say they use it, with 19% using it daily and just 2% saying they use it almost constantly.

The top player in the survey was YouTube, with a whopping 95% saying they use it, 19% saying they use it almost constantly and 77% using it daily. In third place was Instagram, with Snapchat in fourth and Twitter coming in just below Facebook in sixth place.

That the top two platforms for teens are video-based shows a shift in the way this audience consumes content – and highlights that those companies wishing to reach this audience need to ensure they have a presence on these platforms and are producing video content.

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