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Study shows importance of online content

Study shows importance of online content

As the world’s demand for instant information grows steadily, technology has certainly taken over when it comes to news. Quality can, however, sometimes be forgotten by those in a rush.

Poor writing is known to detract from the overall effect of the story offered. When text is delivered well by professional SEO copywriting services, though, engagement levels can be substantially increased.

One only needs look at the past couple of days and the birth of the new Prince. Whilst the quaint easel in the courtyard was an emotive way to deliver the news to the eagerly-waiting world, it was the online newsfeeds which really carried the story.

It is likely that sites like Twitter and Facebook also encouraged greater interest, with the Pew Internet and American Life Project finding that online tools can be used to effectively attract engagement.

The researchers, who questioned nearly 2,500 teachers, found that creating words for the web is a good thing in many ways. It is also useful for the students, who can be encouraged their peers as they put their work out there into the open.

The upshot is better quality work making it into the digital mainstream. It is these writers who go on to produce the news feeds for companies across the globe too.

However, there was a word of warning for untrained writers and business owners who have regular staff contribute to news feeds. Whilst the study found that technology in writing can drive down grammatical and spelling mistakes, there is a propensity to become careless. This decreased effort then leads to weaker work.

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