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Study reveals surprising password trends


Study reveals surprising password trends

A report by password management company LastPass has revealed insights into common trends among professionals that require secure passwords to do their jobs, many of which are rather surprising.

Entitled Psychology of Passwords, the report aims to explore what password creators believe they knew about security online, highlighting concerning trends and common mistakes that are found across many users. As technology progresses, cyber threats become increasingly prevalent. However, as found by the report, this does not necessarily equate to better habits.

A major finding from the report declares that password mishaps are not an exclusive problem of the older generations. Gen Z, despite being the most confident and knowledgeable on password security, tends to use a variation of a singular password 69% of the time. The study finds that in general, although 89% of people know that reusing passwords is a security risk, only 12% of people admit to always using different passwords across different internet sites.

Primarily, the report explores the theme that awareness of cybersecurity measures does not effectively translate to genuine action involving not reusing passwords. Data from LastPass reveals that only 31% of people that received cyber education training implemented their training by no longer reusing passwords. However, many password creators are thought to be confident with their cybersecurity, no matter how safe their password habits actually are.

For a business, maintaining good cybersecurity is essential for preventing any kind of hack, scam or data breach attempted by malicious actors. Password managers such as LastPass are often effective in ensuring that these potential issues are minimised.

When building a new website, it is important that all passwords used are secure and do not allow for any cybersecurity breaches that may harm you or your business. If you want to get your hands on a secure new website for as little as £99 a month, speak to Engage Web today for a consultation.

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