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Student’s blog turns into Twitter trend

Student’s blog turns into Twitter trend

A blog written by a college student has turned into a Twitter trending topic, attracting global attention. The blog was written to highlight the condition of animals who were apparently mistreated. Photos were included in the blog depicting animals who looked in poor condition. The blog of Nix de Pano, aged 20 became a trend capturing the attention of Twitter users worldwide, including the Philippine president.

The photos of animals at Manila Zoo were posted onto other websites as news spread all over the world, creating outrage at the condition of the animals. One of the best filmmakers in the country, Philippine models and a tour guide from Manila were just a few of the Twitter users who expressed their shock at the plight of animals kept at the zoo.

President, Benigno Aquino promised that government agencies would be investigating the zoo which is 52 years old. Although campaigners from animal welfare groups have been trying to shut the zoo down for many years or improve the conditions at the zoo, it was the blog which attracted global attention after becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Deng Manimbo, the zoo director said that the photos weren’t current, and at least three years old. He also said that the animals were now well cared for. The student who wrote the blog went to the zoo for the first time after the blog caused a storm, and said that the conditions were much better. However, the zoo responded by saying that they were pleased that the publicity would increase offers of help for the zoo.

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