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StuckOn Rebrands to Engage Web

StuckOn Rebrands to Engage Web

SEO is changing, and so are we

It’s 15th August and we’re excited to announce that we have rebranded and changed our name to Engage Web.

This is not just a flight of fancy – as Google continues to adapt its offering, influencing how people search on the web, StuckOn Internet Marketing has evolved into Engage Web with a keener focus on visitor engagement and interaction ensuring our clients continue to enjoy a competitive edge in their markets.

The SEO industry has seen some significant changes of late with a greater emphasis being placed on user engagement and social media. Unethical practices employed by some internet marketing agencies have seen rankings plummet as Google clamps down on the bad boys.

StuckOn Internet Marketing has always stood at the forefront of Google-friendly practices and offered durable SEO solutions with lifetime value. This, we can assure, won’t change – our ethical methods have provided our clients success in driving conversions and we will continue to create unique, compelling content that is relevant to the audience.

Our Industry, Your Language

Lianne Wilkinson and Darren Jamieson, the co-founders, have developed a straight talking ethos that has seen the company secure clients in Australia, Canada and the US. However, to give the company room to grow and deliver market leading solutions that enhance the visitor experience, Engage Web will be better placed to support our wide cross section of clients in the future.

“Internet marketing is now less about search rankings, and more about engaging the user,” says MD Lianne Wilkinson. ”

“The emphasis is now on crafting a positive experience for the visitor. It’s become a powerful way of attracting targeted traffic, driving repeat visits and building lifelong brand value. ”

“The industry and our clients are always evolving, and so are we. Engage Web rides the crest of this change, without losing sight of our straight talking approach to internet marketing.”

Spectacular online skylines

To celebrate the launch of Engage Web, and recognise their international reach, the new website showcases the team’s talented approach to engaging web design. With a stunning backdrop of the world skyline, the visitor will see iconic images of famous landmarks, as well as real time weather feeds, day or night, from their nearest capital city or state capital. Visit us at www.engageweb.co.uk and let us know what you think.

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