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StuckOn client appears on radio talk show

StuckOn client appears on radio talk show

SEO isn’t just about increasing your rankings within search engines and getting more traffic via Google (although of course it’s pretty good for that). No, with SEO you can also open up other avenues for promotion for your website, such as print, television and radio.

Earlier this week, the website CSAhell.com was represented by our very own Darren Jamieson on a Liverpool and North West based talk show hosted by DJ Pete Price. The talk show aired on Tuesday night on both Radio City (96.7FM) and City Talk (105.9FM) just after 10pm, and centred around the subject of the website, the CSA (Child Support Agency).

During the show, Pete Price requested that people who had experienced problems with the CSA phone in and share their experiences with the listeners. Pete also featured some ‘expert’ callers on the subject, including our CTO speaking about the CSAhell.com website. Darren explained why the website was first created and how it has grown over the few short years it has been live to the extent that it now offers advice to thousands of people each month. He added that, because the website ranks on the first page of Google for keywords such as ‘CSA mistakes’, ‘CSA advice’ and even ‘Child Support Agency’, anyone searching for information or advice online is sure to find the website, benefit from the information it offers and realise that they are not alone in their problems.

What made this example of offsite promotion so effective for the website was the fact that it came about as a result of good old fashioned SEO (as old fashioned as SEO gets) because the researchers for the talk show came to us after finding the website within Google in the first place. An advert on the radio for the website, lasting several minutes such as this interview did, would have cost a lot of money to produce and air. By participating as an expert resource in a dedicated phone in, all because of the original SEO on the website, the site gained exposure to a new audience of extremely relevant, and interested, parties.

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