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Street View added to Google mobile apps

Street View added to Google mobile apps

Google’s maps app Street View has been made available for users of mobile web browsers, which could be viewed as an alternative to Apple’s maps app. The maps app provided by Apple has been slated for its blurred images and poor maps. The update means that users of iPhones and iPads can now access the Street View service.

The product manager for Google Maps, Amanda Leicht states that the availability of Street View on mobile browsers will make Google Maps more useful, accurate and comprehensive. Users can access all data from Street View, including walking around the inside of a number of establishments. Leicht also adds that being able to use your phone to access Street View will allow users to navigate areas surrounding them by using panoramic imagery.

An apology has been issued by Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, stating that the company was “extremely sorry” for the less than perfect product. However, he did point out the availability of other products. It is possible to access Street View using your mobile phone by visiting maps.google.com and carrying out a location search. Street View is then accessed by clicking the ‘pegman’ icon.

The update launched by Google could affect the search engine optimisation of a company website, especially if they have premises registered with the Street View service. Greater access will be available to users on mobile browsers, beneficial to companies world wide. As Google constantly updates its web tools, online companies should monitor their SEO strategy closely.

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