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Spelling errors result in huge bill for taxpayer

Spelling errors result in huge bill for taxpayer

An increasing number of spelling errors have been spotted around the United Kingdom, on road signs, place names and in road markings, costing the taxpayer huge amounts of money in corrections. Some of the spelling errors appear to be unusually careless, such as the road markings that read ‘SUS STOP’ rather than ‘BUS STOP’.

The spelling error was spotted in Canning Town, East London causing a taxi driver to exclaim:

“It’s so ridiculous and so clearly wrong. It beggars belief that they left it like that.”

Another road sign which appears in Essex reads, ‘Keep Clea’ which caused confusion among a few drivers who were left wondering whether the sign writers had run out of paint or whether they had gone to lunch and forgotten the unfinished sign. A common error spotted on many road signs involves the use or absence of the apostrophe. The lack, or incorrect inclusion of an apostrophe can alter the meaning of a sign. A list of signs which were incorrect as a result of missed apostrophes has recently been published by Westminster Council, showing just how many times the error occurs.

However, spelling errors and incorrect use of punctuation is a common occurrence which costs the taxpayer huge amounts of money each year, not to mention the embarrassment for the companies or councils involved. Creating a professional image builds online reputation, increasing consumer confidence in your business. A professional writer will produce work of a high standard which has been edited thoroughly. Outsource to a UK copywriter to maximise your return on investment.

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