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Spelling errors could signal illegal booze

Spelling errors could signal illegal booze

An illicit distillery in Lincolnshire was discovered in July 2011, after five people were killed in an explosion at the industrial unit in Boston. Investigators discovered equipment which had been used to produce illegal alcohol. According to a top doctor in Lincoln, there’s also been an influx of patients being admitted to Accident and Emergency units, after drinking illegal booze.

Following the discovery of the illegal distillery, the fake booze trade has been thrown under the spotlight. The illegal alcohol has been found on sale in small shops and off licences in Lincolnshire, containing dangerous chemicals which include some components of cleaning products. Vodka is commonly made illegally as it is much easier to produce, but it can cause methanol poisoning leading to liver or kidney failure, in addition to causing blindness.

People are advised to purchase alcohol from a reputable store, and if the price is unusually low or you are offered a deal which is too good to believe, then don’t buy it. Check the label before purchasing any alcohol, as fake booze often has labels with spelling errors, signalling poor quality. According to Lincolnshire police, fake alcohol is being sold in the United Kingdom, and in addition to low quality labelling, spelling mistakes and a low price, you are also likely to be buying a substance that is deadly.

Just as the spelling mistakes and poor quality labelling indicate fake goods, spelling errors and poor copy will portray an unprofessional company. Content outsourcing to a professional writer will create trust and respect with clients.

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